I am writing this article because a friend of mine wants to watch his daughter’s competition event in Europe live online from Canada but the site restricts the traffic to local IP addresses only. Since Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers 11 regions world wide and soon (as of January 2016), the closest one to central Europe is the Frankfurt Germany region. This region offer 2 availability zones and was launched in 2014.


Here are the steps to create a Linux server that will be used to access the live stream using an encrypted SSH tunnel.

There are a total of 16 steps that can be done is less than 10 minutes:

1- Create your free tier account with AWS and login

2- Select the EU (Frankfurt) region on the top right corner of your dashboard.


3- Click on EC2 icon


4- Click Launch Instance


5- Select the first Linux server Amazon AMI (HVM) 


6- Select t2.microFree tier eligible

7- Click Review and Launch (The default settings will work in this case)


8- Click Launch

9- Select Create a new key pair and call it MyWebProxy, Download key Pair

10-Click Launch Instance


11- Click View Instance

12- Wait a few seconds for the instance to initialize and copy the IP address

13- Open your SSH terminal and type: chmod 600 Downloads/MyWebProxy.pem (To avoid AWS warning message)

14- Connect to your Linux server using an SSH terminal from MAC:


ssh -D 8080 ec2-user@<Server_IP> -i /Downloads/MyWebProxy.pem 

15- To configure Safari, go to your system preferences, click on Network, Advanced, Proxies:

Select SOCKS Proxy -> Localhost & port 8080


16- Start browsing the internet from a new source