For the longest time, I used my desktop with a large monitor to do all my network and system diagrams. I had to keep switching back and forth when I needed to access information from the web. I figured 2 monitors would be a lot more convenient since I have MS Visio running on one monitor full screen and I have my browser and email running on the second. That setup worked fine until I started managing projects, excel sheets and numbers.

Today I use 4 monitors. I have the diagrams on one, the excel sheets on the second, the emails and browser on the third and applications on the forth. It make life so much so easier with all the digital real estate space. I even use it to trade and analyse stocks on my spare time and it works like a charm.


Here are the details of the quad monitor setup:

  • Windows 10 Pro Operating System
  • AMD Radeon r9 270x video card
  • 4x 24″ Acer LED monitors
  • Vivo Quad Monitor Desk Mount

The whole setup costed around $1200 CAD +tx.