Network Blocks, your trusted IT advisor!

Founded in 2005, Network Blocks is based in Laval and serves Montreal, and the surrounding areas. The company’s original mission is to deliver outstanding IT support and technology consulting services to clients that improve productivity, profitability, uptime as well providing clients total peace of mind when it comes to their data. For a more complete and up-to-date mission and vision statement, please click the mission page.

Specializing in outsourced IT support, Network Blocks delivers a sustainable platform that proactively manages their client’s computers and networks. This is accomplished by using the leading edge remote management software, combined with an extremely talented and experienced computer support technician that is passionate about solving IT problems. This approach takes the burden off the business customer to manage complicated computers issue and ever changing technologies that seem to be accelerating exponentially.

By providing experienced IT talent and computer support technicians either onsite or remotely via helpdesk, Network Blocks is able to effectively manage their client’s computers, networks amd websites by automating the support process and delivering client satisfaction by resolving issues quickly.

Network Blocks services a wide variety of vertical markets including Real Estate, Legal, Financial, Services, Health clinic and fitness centers.